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Top destinations

Kos town : Attractive, cosmopolitan, contemporary, easily accessible. Located in the north-east, Kos town is a vibrant reflection of the island’s rich history at every turn: in the streets, the buildings, the markets, the parks and squares.

Though a destination for hundreds of visitors daily, especially during the extended tourist season, the city of Kos has managed to maintain a calm, civilized pace, a fact it owes in large part to the widespread use of bicycles by both locals and visitors. In the center, visitors can witness first-hand the remains of its history in the countless buildings and monuments scattered around the city. Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman ruins sit astride cobblestone streets and alleys, mingling with imposing Italian-era buildings and proudly tell of a richly-woven history that spans the ages; parks and squares, as well as modern cutting-edge design, round out this captivating, multi-cultural mix.

The backdrop is complete when night descends on the city’s beachfront zone, where dozens of cafes, bars and restaurants, big and small, open their doors creating a lively, upbeat evening tempo. Another fascinating aspect of the city is its 1933 post-earthquake urban planning model, drawn up and implemented by the Italians, who placed particular emphasis on planting green spaces and parks with every sort of tree and shrub imaginable, giving the town its nickname “garden city” to this day.

Among the myriad of entertainment and sightseeing possibilities that the city of Kos offers are its picturesque harbor and the medieval castle of Neratzia and of course the comprehensive bike lane network, with wide, flat lanes ideal for short jaunts or longer excursions. 25min only with the car.

Zia the charming village of Kos: In stark contrast to the sweet melancholy of abandoned Agios Dimitrios is charming Zia’s southernmost slope, whose superb location makes it the perfect spot for viewing spectacular sunsets and gazing at the nearby islands of Kalymnos and Pserimos as well as the Turkish coast in the distance.

During the summer the settlement of Zia is bursting with activity from the countless visitors who come to taste local delicacies served in charming traditional “tavernas”, to purchase unique local products and souvenirs and to stroll through the cobblestone alleyways all the way up to its crystal-clear freshwater springs, the most well-known of which is Kefalovrisi.

Kefalos peaches : The beaches surrounding the village have crystal-clear turquoise waters, calm on most summer days, and offer a variety of water sports, while the area is a perfect base for exploring by canoe or bicycle the small nearby island of Kastri with its picturesque church of Agios Nikolaos.

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